lundi 14 mai 2012

The most expensive camera in the world.

The most expensive camera in the world.
Last Saturday, a gallery held an auction dedicated to the sale of equipment and photographs. Collectors interested more and more in this artistic area, prices follow their passion. Thus, camera dating back to 1923 has sold more than two million euros! Saturday, a Leica 0-serie (number 116) dating from 1923 is sold at 2 160 000€. The sale was organized by the Westlicht Gallery in Vienna. A sum outstanding since the price is his price update and its estimate. Indeed, put price 300 000€ and estimated between 600 000 and 800 000€, this apparatus was purchased 1 800 000€ free, relays the dispatch website. The Westlicht Gallery is not in its first move to shine since the previous sales record was that of a Leica 0-serie (number 117) sold in 2011 to 1 320 000€. Led by Peter Coeln, the Westlicht Gallery is one of the most famous in the field of photography. In 2007, the Leica 0-serie (number 107) had been sold to 336 000€. Therefore, noted some of the price increase and thus the interest of collectors for this type of equipment of the last century. Leica is a German manufacturer of cameras and optics. Established in 1849 in Wetzlar, the company knows a true turning point in 1905 when the engineer Oskar Barnack decides to revolutionize the world of photography using 35 mm cinema film and thus putting an end to these footprint devices of the time. Note that in the field of photography, devices are not the only objects to sell to exorbitant sums. The photographs themselves are sometimes sold to thousands of Euros. It may consider the example of the daguerreotype of named Jean Louis wholesale dating from 1855, offered for sale at auction Saturday last in Vienna, and representative the fountain and the market of the Innocents in Paris. This photograph is sold to 228 000€ while the date of price was set at 90 000€. The website of the telegram says that the turnover of the auction of equipment and photographs by the Westlicht Gallery is of 6 147 805€ !

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